Saturday, 23 February 2013

Victoria's Secret & Valentines Snogs


I actually believe that it would be illegal to travel all the way to Bond street and NOT visit this incredible building of lingerie heaven. Now with it being the first time i've ever actually stepped foot into a Victorias Secret store, you can imagine the excitement i was filled in when I spotted that beautiful pink sign- from that moment on I fell in love with everything in sight. The layout, the colours, the bra's, the pants, the smell of the increeedible selection of perfumes lined up, I just needed it all in my life! Of course being the student that I am, it simply wasn't possible (so sad.) So i made a cheeky little purchase and raced for the exit before I hit my overdraft... hard! 
Be warned- as soon as I am fully employed Hello VS i will be coming back for you.


I had heard alot of hype about the frozen yogurt at 'Snog' and being valentines day and whatnot we decided it was time for a little taste test- for research purposes only obviously ;)
I opted for Classic yogurt, Cocoa Nibs and Agarve Syrup and Ally got herself Classic with some little chocolate hearts- so appropriate. Our verdict was unanimous we will be returning upon every London trip from now on it was thaaat good!


Finally just a few snaps I managed to take on my I-Phone from the show along with our free Mulberry Tote goody bag packed with a limited edition 'Vodafone Red' nails inc nail varnish and Label. M Sea Salt Hair Spray.



  1. oh wow LFW must have been a real blast for you! I would really love to experience that as well!
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. It was so much fun you should definitely try and get down there next year!! :)
      Sure, I will check out your blog now!

      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. How gorgeous are you? Lovely photos xx