Monday, 18 February 2013

Mary Katrantzou LFW February 14th

What better way to spend Valentines day than drooling over the best of Mary Katrantzous 2012 collections with your best friend? 

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky few who managed to attend a unique London Fashion Week event held by vodafone last thursday. We were entitled to a VIP exclusive showcase of Mary Katrantzous favourite collections that certainly didn't disappoint. If like me, you have always been a fan of her bright, bold, digital prints then go check out her latest monochrome landscape pieces and graphic urban scenes showcased yesterday. 

I managed to capture a few images in between my urge to just sit back and watch the show. I loved the blue and green colour palettes and found myself wanting to leave and purchase a stupid amount of bright and bold wardrobe staples immediately- a girl can dream.



  1. Omgg Im so Jell right now! Can't believe you saw it live! I genuinely love Mary katrantzou's work so much aha and d'you know the collection you were talking about yupp I posted about it here Good minds think alike much! aha lovely first post hun following xox

    1. It was amazing, I literally couldn't take my eyes off the catwalk!! Aww did you haha I will definitely take a look and follow back, Thank you so much! :) Xxx